Weird Easter…

You know how you have those holidays throughout the year that you treasure more than others? Well, Easter is one of those holidays for me. And I think I can confidently speak for the rest of the Circus and say it’s one of their favourite holidays too. It’s not even because there is chocolate involved!

*Although that does help 😉

So, with that knowledge in hand, we thought we might have what will be our first major bout of homesickness over the weekend. The Easter long weekend. Almost a non-event in Bangkok. Well actually, pretty much a total non-event in Bangkok….

A normal Easter for us in Australia? Well, the long long weekend would usually consist of egg hunts, BBQs and catch ups galore with our friends and family, hideous amounts of chocolate consumed (Easter chocolate totally doesn’t count), fires and marshmallows, new winter flannelette pjs for the kids (and usually us adults too!), floured EB paw prints, earlier sunsets and a change into the cooler months of Autumn (my absolute favourite season). And if it isn’t all of the above, it’s four days spent camping (and doing some of the above!)…

So, you can see why we thought everyone, including Marc and I, would be feeling out of sorts and missing all our favourite people more than normal. It doesn’t help that we also have a whole of of birthdays around Easter, so the catch ups become even more special when it isn’t only about the chocolate.

Friday.  Good Friday.  All social media is filled with Easter fun and baking and people starting their holidays.  I actually had to stop looking…  It sucked.  And I started feeling sorry for myself, which isn’t a great place to be.  Thankfully, and completely by accident, Marc had an annual leave day so we got to just hang out while the Clowns were at school.  Hello $13 hour long massage and an uninterrupted coffee date…!

Saturday was ordinary and then weird.  We hit up the Ekamai Organic Farmer’s Market to bring home Ella’s weight in french breads and did all the usual Saturday things.  We didn’t even leave out a carrot for the EB.  Nor did we put out the few eggs we did manage to find for the Clowns.  They would have melted overnight!  Weird.  Really weird parenting moment.  I imagine that’s what it will feel like when we don’t do Santa presents anymore…  Hopefully that’s a long time away though!Platter dinner for Saturday night to fuel up for Uno Wars!

Sunday.  Easter Sunday.  When I had a mild panic that we didn’t wake up to three crazy excited kids who had discovered what the EB had left for them.  Ahhh nope!  It was the complete opposite actually!  They totally understood that Thai’s don’t celebrate Easter, as a gross generalisation, so it’s not a recognised holiday for them.  That’s why they didn’t see aisles and aisles of chocolates in the shops, or adverts for Easter services, or egg hunts in the park etc etc… And they really took it in their stride.  They were super happy with their two small token eggs each and they were excited that we had found some Easter activity to go to for the afternoon, and that we let them eat ginormous chocolate croissants for lunch.  Winning!

So that brings me to today.  Easter Monday.  The Clowns have gone to school and Marc has gone to work, like any normal Monday.  Today has been OK.  Productive.  Good even.

*Not counting that I may have broken the washing machine… oops!

We survived the weekend that was.  Without tantrums or whinging or sadness or homesickness.  I am chalking that up to a win for the Circus.  Marc’s only comment all weekend, funnily enough, wasn’t even about this particular weekend.  He’s already thinking months ahead and mentioned that he is very thankful that our besties (Hi Mac’s!!)  are coming to stay for Christmas and New Year, because that holiday season has the potential to turn into a homesick train wreck!

Whatsapp-ing the Mac’s to sing happy birthday to Rob!