Adventures In Thermomixing : Sunday Baking

I try and bake at least one or two things for the Clowns lunch boxes on a Sunday. It makes everyone’s lives heaps easier and a little more organised in that crazy weekday morning rush!

So today I decided to make a few of Leilah’s (AKA Thermomumma) super easy and delicious recipes.  If you are looking for anything bread related, her recipes have always worked beautifully for me and they taste great!

Starting with Leilah’s Cheese and Bacon Rolls, which I made into baby sized portions. That way I can use them for snacks as well as lunches. I have made this recipe loads of times, and it is always a winner with the Clowns.

Finger Buns were next on the baking list. Again, super easy to make.  I made them a bit smaller too as I don’t think my kids lunch boxes need a normal sized finger bun for their morning tea!

Lastly, today I tried out the Blueberry and Choc Chip Muffins. Except I replaced the blueberries with raspberries.  They smell aaaahhhhhmazing!

That should keep the Clowns happy for the week!

Happy baking!


Digestible Kitchen’s Flourless No Nut Chocolate Brownie

You know those times when, upon reading a recipe and taking in the deliciousness of a bloggers photographs, you know you just have to bake.

Right now. 

And even venture out after dinner time, just to fill an ingredient gap.

I had one of those moments last night.image

I’m sure Natalie at Digestible Kitchen created these flourless no nut chocolate brownies just for me.  Absolutely positive!
And oh my bownie-ness, these are amazingly good!  And so easy and fast to whip up!
This isn’t like your typical brownie mix though, it makes almost a slice like, thin, crispy on the outside but gooey centred chocolate-y goodness.
Try this recipe out, you won’t be disappointed!!!