Primary version of Mother’s Day 

Today was the Mother’s Day morning at the Clowns’ school. There is an art show (awesome, my fave part!), a concert (normally skip this bit and cross the road for a coffee, yeah mum of the year won’t ever go to me!) then morning tea (in years past, this was something you didn’t want to miss). 

I love seeing the art from each primary class – they are all usually really interesting and I actually want to have a browse.  I love being able to pull each child out of class individually to do this. As a general rule, the Clowns don’t get a whole lot of one-on-one time with either parent so this is special regardless of what we are actually doing.  And I love having the chance to catch up with some mums that I may not usually see around school, now the eldest two are out of prep.  This year is also the first time I have been younger sibling free. It was kinda weird. But great.  No appeasing a bored child/ren was awesome!   To be able to talk, uninterrupted is still a thing I take great delight in! 

Here are each of the clowns with their art for the show….  

Reuben and his crazy cats


Ella and her painted flower pot


Owen and his emu




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