You actually bought one?!

Yup, I did!  That’s my answer.  

Yes, I did get the new version.  

And yes, I DO love it!  That’s my next answer.  

I DO ACTUALLY use it daily, sometimes several times a day.  Sometimes not.  It just depends on the day and what we feel like and what I need to get done for meals or prepping for the week.  

I have found that I prep a whole lot with it.  More than I ever thought I would.  

I need to convert more of our usual and familiar recipes.  This is probably the one area where we should be utilizing it more.  

Yes, I believe it is worth it.  But you need to not be scared of using the thing.  It isn’t scary.  It’s a tool.  Use it!!  Experiment.  Try a few new things.  Challenge your family to try it out (if you’re game!!).

I have had my Thermomix since November last year.  I do love it.  Honestly!  I am cooking more things from scratch, sometimes because it’s just that little bit easier and faster.  Sometimes because I want to test out something new and specifically for the Thermomix.  Sometimes because I have seen something on Instagram or Facebook that catches my taste buds’ attention.  Marc even likes it.  Whether it was the novelty of it inititally, or the ease of use and friendly instructions (hello fresh pizza dough!  Made by Marc!! That is made just as fast as ordering take away…)  He cooks more than he ever has, and that is a benefit that has paid for the machine in itself, kind of!! 

Either way, it gets used a whole lot.  And I am happy I finally invested in one.  And it is an investment.  I see it as an investment.  


We still have ‘off’ days.  You know, days where I call Marc on his way home to get take away.  We still buy bread, even though I have made bread rolls and scrolls and bagels etc.  We still buy jars of pasta sauce.  I can honestly say that this will probaly always be the norm for our family.  

And that is totally OK with me.  



3 thoughts on “You actually bought one?!

  1. Love this! The Thermomix SHOULD be all about making the tool work for your lifestyle and tastes! The only thing I’d like to do more is make my own sauces and dips – we go through a lot of condiments!
    And I love dip but never buy it because it seems expensive for what it really is!
    But that requires forethought in my shopping which I’m not really great at! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!! I guess if I planned and wrote (more) lists and remembered to take them grocery shopping, I’d be more prepared to do those things too… One day, maybe 😉


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