On Vegemite scrolls and balls made into squares

This rainy weekend, I decided to try a couple of new recipes for snacks and lunches for the Clowns for the coming week.

Firstly, this bread recipe from The Road to Loving my Thermo Mixer, which I made into Vegemite and cheese scrolls.  I also made a few with tomato sauce, Italian herb mix and some grated cheese.  Just for a bit of a change from the Vegemite.  Definitely a winner, but will use pizza sauce for a bit of extra zing next time!


Secondly, I tried these Honey and Almond Energy Balls from Make It Fake It Bake It.  Except I was super lazy.  I make it into a slice and cut it into bite size squares instead of rolling out little balls.  I also didn’t add the almonds to the mix, we have one Clown who doesn’t like almonds.  I just added them to the top of half the ‘slice’ so everyone was happy happy joy joy!  Winning!!

On a serious note….  I haven’t been able to stop eating this stuff.  It’s just the right about of peanut buttery sweetness and that pop of crunch… Ahhhhhmazing!!!  And too easy not to make!

IMG_2284 IMG_2288


This Bacon Jam is one recipe that is on my To Try list….  mmmm Bacon Jam…  Seriously delicious!  Like, spoon out with your finger from the jar type deliciousness….  Am I drooling?  Probably….!!

Have you got any recipes, Thermomix friendly or not, for me to try out?  I am always on the look out for lunchbox friendly and freezable things for the kids that aren’t too terrible for them 🙂

M xo




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