Whoa! There goes 2014!!

What an amazingly FAST year!
With two Clowns at school, and the littlest Clown at Kindy, this year has been one filled with loads of running around, drop offs and pick ups, house renovating stuff, sport, homework, sight words, readers, finding my exercise mojo and making that part of our week, fitting in a new job, a puppy addition to the circus, Marc going on loads of business trips and diving into a new role. To say it’s been a massive year is probably a perfect description!

My plan initially was to blog (more than not at all!) and cruise through this year, helping Reuben transition to Prep and enjoying Ella’s last year before all three Clowns are at school. Well that didn’t really happen too often… I am thankful for our regular coffee dates and the quiet Monday’s we had at home after full on weekends, just us girls at home, cleaning up and regrouping with a Barbie movie (or three) and some down time before the next round of craziness started each Tuesday.

So living through instagram as my social media outlet has been my thing this year. I love instagram. I love my little community of real life and virtual friends around the globe. I love the support and friendship and real life antics of these people that have become part of my everyday. Checking in with my ig friends has kept me sane, kept boredom at bay, kept me laughing, has made me shed a tear or few, found me a bargain, taught me things, opened my eyes to yet a wider world.

It’s a special place, that instagram.

2015 though, is going to me yet another crazy year, I’m sure. But one that has a little more focus on me and what I want to achieve in the next twelve months. I have plans, people! Plans that need action! Plans that need my family to start the process of supporting me, not necessarily me supporting them 100% of the time.

Now it’s time for a break though, to start the school holidays on the right foot, with loads of down time to recharge and rest those weary kid brains. Time for our family to have a proper break before 2015 takes hold with both hands and doesn’t let go.

M xo