School 2014

All the Clowns have begun their school year now and all three have been chomping at the bit to start school this year!

First Day of School 2014
Owen going into Grade 3, Reuben starting Prep and Ella going to Kindergarten has meant for a huge start to the year for everyone here.
Loads of changes and different routines and new faces and places.
New systems set up at home for what will hopefully mean a smooth(er) start and finish to the day.
Different homework routines as Owen starts using more electronic methods of learning and Reuben gets a feel for homework for the very first time.
To hopefully help everyone be more organised in the mornings and better prepared for what they have on for the day, I have set up a small ‘Drop Zone’ for school bags, shoes, hats, swimming gear and an A3 colour coded weekly schedule for all the kids.  So far, after two full days or using the system, the boys have remembered everything and Reuben is feeling confident about the day before he gets to his classroom.  Ella doesn’t have much to bother about at all, but to help her get into the same routine as the boys, her kindy bag etc is also part of the Drop Zone.  An added win – the kids love the name we gave our little spot!  Once I add a few more hooks to hang the hats I’ll take a pic.
Anyway, here are the obligatory first day photos.
Everyone has come come each day with massive grins and each says they have had awesome days.  Yay!
First Day of Kindy 2014


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