What’s your style??

Are you following along, and joining in with Nikki’s Everyday Style?
If not, go check out her weekly wrap up!

I have been happily stalking away on the Instagram #everydaystyle for a while now, so thought it was time to add my everyday ‘style’ to the group.
This is what I have added so far – note the repeated-ness of my new bestest, most favourite, oh-so-comfy Jeanwest shorts?!


Top and shorts from Jeanswest.
Shoes from Betts.

Saying I love them is probably an understatement…!


Top and shorts from Jeanswest

Do you think you have an everyday style? 

I use the word style very loosely, when talking about what I wear on a day-to-day basis.
I need my clothes to be comfortable and functional.
I have three kids to chase after and play with, and do house work in, and meet up for coffee and do the groceries etc etc etc.
I need my daily outfit to stay unchanged throughout the day.
I really hate changing my clothes just to go somewhere or do something.
I don’t have ‘house clothes’ or ‘cleaning clothes’.
I just have clothes.  And Lycra.  Apparently I own more Lycra than I realised!


Asics top, Nike legs, NewBalance shoes, Camelbak water bottle.

Just the normal everyday stuff, and then the nicer things that get brought out of the darkness of the wardrobe when required.

So I guess that is my everyday style? 
It’s not a work uniform as such, but I guess it is my uniform.
Do you want to come and play along?  Just tag your everyday style Instagram pics with #everydaystyle !!  It’s as easy as that 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s your style??

  1. I am so not brave enough to share my everyday style, but I love looking at the hash tags for inspiration and have managed to find a few new outfits that I can make from my old clothes, so for me its win, win! I’ll be sure to find you on Instagram and check out you everyday style!


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